Project Infrastructure

  • 🧰 Project is fully migrated to React
  • 🎨 CSS customization is done through variables, not individual rules
    • Both individual users and theme-makers can create complete themes with minimal effort
    • CSS vars cover all interface colors
    • Default theme is a11y-friendly
  • ✔️ Project is accessible, reliable, and maintainable
  • 🏪 Extension is compatible with Roam Depot

New Features

  • ⚙️ Settings panel View and edit your settings in a clean interface
    • With RoamDepot allowing settings to be saved between sessions, all user settings will now be set directly within the interface. The Settings dialog can be opened by a right-click on the extension icon, then by clicking on the "Settings" option.
    • No more creating a zoteroRoam_settings object, and having to dabble in roam/js code 🎉
  • Dashboard panel
    • 🏷
      Tag Manager Edit, merge and delete Zotero tags
    • 📅
      Recent Items Navigate items recently added/modified
    • 🔍
      Explorer Browse your libraries with complex queries
  • 🧱
    SmartBlocks integration
    • Command available in SB: ZOTERORANDOMCITEKEY, with optional tags query
    • Metadata formatting can be done via a SmartBlock, with custom commands to retrieve and format metadata:
  • 🔎
    Web Import
    Add items to Zotero from a URL
    • For blocks that contain one or more specified tag(s), and where the extension detects at least one URL -- an import button will appear next to the block
    • Clicking the button will open a panel to import any/all of the URLs into Zotero (with pickers for library, collections, and tags)
  • 💪 Support for Zotero 6 annotations
    • Formatting can be controlled from the settings, in the Annotations section
    • Annotations are imported by default metadata formatter

Improvements / Quality of Life

  • Extension icon displays a panel on hover, with additional information/actions
    • Extension status (on/off/disabled)
    • Data retrieval status for each data kind, with last updated time & a button to refresh that data
    • Toggle for dark/light theming
    • Links to extension documentation & changelog
    • Extension version
  • 🎓 Semantic Scholar data
    • Citations & References are shown in the same dialog, with tabs - instead of separate dialogs
    • Items can be sorted (by publication year, influence, or whether the item is in one of the loaded Zotero libraries)
  • 🔍 Search Panel
    • Search bar is more compact
    • Visibility on results shown vs. total results
    • Item view is redesigned
    • "Show Notes" now opens a drawer, instead of showing the notes underneath the item details
  • 🔣 Interface and styling
    • Better consistency for item menus : the same set of actions is now available, regardless of where the menu is located
    • Better visual cues to indicate whether an item is in library/in Roam
    • Toast notification emitted whenever text is copied to the clipboard
    • Contextual guides added to clarify extension behavior or provide information about data sources
    • All dialogs can now be closed by using the close button, pressing Escape, or clicking outside of the dialog window
    • Shortcuts are now specified by a natural string, e.g "alt+P". You can use the interactive tester at the bottom of this page to check the correct specification for your keyboard and setup.
    • Dialog sizing is sensitive to display size

Bug Fixes

Too many to list 🪲