2c. On-page menu
This is a new feature in version 0.6.
When opening a page whose title is @citekey, either in the main section or in the sidebar, a menu will appear with additional data, links and action buttons :
If the item does not have a DOI, or attachments, not all of these elements will appear.
Currently, the menu will display the following :
  • "Add metadata" button [all items]
  • "Import notes" button [only items which have notes in Zotero]
  • PDF links [only items which have associated PDF files]
  • Outgoing links to academic tools [all items] Connected Papers, Semantic Scholar, & Google Scholar
  • Badge from Scite.ai [only items with a DOI]
    • Displaying the number of citations the item has (all / supporting / mentioning / contrasting)
  • Open in Zotero (web/local) [all items]
  • Related papers (from Semantic Scholar) [only items with a DOI]
    • References : papers which are referenced by the item
    • Citing papers : papers which cite the item
    • Related library items : references & citing papers which are in the user's Zotero library
You can decide which components to show, or when to show the menu, by using the pageMenu setting.

Navigating related papers

If there are references/citing papers which are stored in your (loaded) Zotero library, the button will indicate how many there are. Clicking on it will show the list :
Here there are 20 references & 2 citing papers in the user's library. Only items with a DOI will be shown.
  • If the paper has a page in Roam, it will be displayed as a link to that page (reference : blue, citing paper : orange). The button on the right will open that page in the sidebar.
  • If the paper does not have a Roam page yet, it will be displayed as plain text (black). The button on the right will create that page, import the metadata, and open it in the sidebar.

Browsing references/citing papers

Clicking on "XX references" or "YY citing papers" will open a search panel :
Items already in Zotero have a distinct display ; items not in Zotero have a "Add to Zotero" button.
Search is multi-field and paginated. Here are the only available fields at the moment :
  • Title
  • Authors' last names
  • Year
  • Publication information (journal/publisher)
Each item will display metadata, outgoing links (Scite, Connected Papers, Semantic Scholar & Google Scholar), as well as a few actions on the right :
  • The item's DOI link, if available - otherwise the Semantic Scholar URL
  • A Copy DOI button
  • A Add to Zotero button, if the item is not in the user's Zotero library
As of v0.6.62, an "Add to Zotero" function is available. Note that, due to limitations of the Zotero standalone app, it's not possible to setup a combined "Add to Zotero & Roam" button. To make sure your new items are added to Roam, you can use the contextual button on today's Daily Note page 🚀

Adding items to Zotero

Clicking any "Add to Zotero" button will open a side panel, with options to select :
  • The Zotero library for the import
  • Any Zotero collections the items should be added to, for that library
  • Any tags the items should be given
Every click on a "Add to Zotero" button will add the selected item to the list, if it's not already there.
The tags selection field will suggest all pages in your Roam graph.