1.3 Basic Setup
The minimal requirement for the extension to run is the formulation of a data request. Here's a basic example, which requests all the items in your personal library :
// The zoteroRoam_settings object will contain all your settings for the extension
// For now, we're doing a minimal configuration, with just a single data request.
// Paste this into your roam/js block, and fill out the API key + your user ID :
zoteroRoam_settings = {
dataRequests: {
apikey: "your_API_key",
dataURI: "users/your_user_id/items",
params: "limit=100"
After you've done this, reload your graph. A new icon should be visible in the topbar - a book :
The book (right) is the extension's icon
The icon acts as a toggle for turning the extension on/off, and its background color always indicates the current state of the extension :
  • Busy - the data request is ongoing. Depending on the number of items, this may take ~20s.
  • Active - the data has been fully loaded, the extension is ready !
  • Error - something went wrong while retrieving the data. Check the browser console for details.
  • The extension is turned off.
Once the icon turns green, the extension's functionalities will become available.
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