2a. The search panel
The Search Panel can be opened by doing a right-click on the extension's book icon, and selecting "Search in dataset..." : You can also open it with a shortcut : it's alt-Q by default, but if it does not work or if it conflicts with other shortcuts you might have, you can set up a custom shortcut.
Right-click on the icon to open the context menu
A dialog box will pop up :
(1) Start typing text in the search bar to look for items. Current searched fields are title, year, tags, citekey and authors' last names.
Starting with v0.6.0, search is multi-field which means that looking for an author's name + a year will now return results.
(2) Navigate through the results list using Tab or up/down .
(3) Select an item with left-click or Enter.
  • In default mode, selecting an item will render its metadata, along with options to copy its citekey, navigate to the item's Roam page, import its metadata, and see its attached PDF + notes.
  • If Quick Copy mode is enabled (top-left), the item's citekey will be copied to the clipboard and the search panel will close.
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