Keyboard Shortcuts

Starting with v0.7, shortcuts are now specified by a simple string of text, describing the desired key combo, e.g "alt+P". You can use the interactive tester at the bottom of this page, to check the correct combo for your keyboard and setup.

Available Actions

Toggle Search Panel
Opens/closes the Search Panel
Toggle QuickCopy
Enables/disables Quick Copy mode
When the Search Panel is open
Focus Search Bar
Put the cursor in the search bar
When viewing an item's details
Import Metadata
Import the item's metadata to the Roam graph
Toggle Notes
Show/hide the notes drawer
Copy Default
Copy the item's reference in the default copy format
Copy Citation
Copy the item's reference, in citation format
Copy Citekey
Copy the item's citekey
Copy Page Ref
Copy the item's citekey as Roam page reference
Copy Tag
Copy the item's citekey as Roam tag